Dispute Resolution of RWA, Society, Societies Maintenance

RWA, Society, Societies Maintenance Dispute in Noida

If your RWA (Resident Welfare Association) is not carrying out maintenance works on time and this is causing problems, the following steps may be useful: Contact: First of all, try to contact the head or members of the RWA and inform them about the problem. This could be the start of a dialogue. Legal action: If the Resident Welfare Association does not carry out maintenance works on time and problems persist, consult an advocate about your legal rights. They will advise the Resident Welfare Association to take action as per legal concepts. Solutions through community consensus: Join others in your community to create a consensus that encourages RWAs to move toward clear deadlines and thoughtful solutions to timely completion of maintenance tasks. Seek legal advice: If your RWA is not suitable for legal action, seeking legal advice may be an option to consider. In accordance with legal authorities, you may be permitted to take legal action. Draft an agreement or compromise: When the dispute is ready for settlement, draft a compromise or agreement and move forward with the process of getting it accepted by all parties. Seek legal advice: If the dispute escalates and cannot be resolved through compromise or agreement, seeking legal advice may also be an option to consider. Resolving such disputes in society can be difficult, but it is important to work towards consensus with all parties involved and try to find a compromise.

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