Lok Adalat/Consumer Court Complaints in Noida

Lok Adalat: Speedy Disposal Settling Mechanism for Consumer Court Complaints in Noida


Efficient Resolution of Consumer Court Complaints in Lok Adalat, Noida

Lok Adalat, also known as the People’s Court, is an effective forum for alternative dispute resolution in India. It aims to provide a speedy and cost-effective way to resolve disputes, including pending court cases and consumer court complaints. The disposal of cases in Lok Adalat involves several steps to ensure fair and quick settlements.

Steps in the Disposal of Consumer Court Complaints in Lok Adalat:

  1. Referral to Lok Adalat: Cases, including consumer court complaints, can be referred to Lok Adalat in several ways:
    • By the court itself (suo motu).
    • By parties involved in the dispute through a joint application.
    • By the concerned government or public authority.
    • Through a reference made by any other forum or authority.
  2. Selection of Cases: Lok Adalat typically deal with civil, criminal, and compoundable cases. Cases that are not fit for Lok Adalat, such as non-compoundable offenses or cases involving serious criminal charges, are not taken up. Consumer court complaints are ideal for Lok Adalat, especially in Noida, as they often involve disputes that can be settled amicably.
  3. Notice to Parties: Once a case such as a consumer court complaint, is referred to Lok Adalat, notices are sent to the parties involved, informing them of the date and time of the Lok Adalat proceedings.
  4. Appearance Before Lok Adalat: On the specified date, the parties, along with their legal representatives (if any), appear before the Lok Adalat.
  5. Mediation and Settlement: Lok Adalat members, including retired judges, social workers, or other experts, facilitate the mediation process. They try to facilitate a compromise or settlement between the parties involved. If the parties reach an agreement, it is recorded in writing, and the case is disposed of.
  6. Binding Settlement: The settlement reached in Lok Adalat is legally binding on the parties and has the same status as a decree of a civil court. It cannot be appealed in a regular court.
  7. Failure to Reach Settlement: If the parties cannot reach a settlement in Lok Adalat, the case including consumer court complaints is transferred back to the regular court for further proceedings.
  8. Award or Order: In case of a settlement, Lok Adalat issues an award or order detailing the terms of the settlement. This award is final and binding.
  9. Filing and Execution: The award or order is filed in the concerned court, and if necessary, the court assists in the execution of the settlement terms.
  10. Conclusion: Once the case is settled and the award is filed, the matter is considered disposed of in Lok Adalat.

Permanent Lok Adalat and National Lok Adalat

Permanent Lok Adalats and National Lok Adalats also play a significant role in the speedy disposal of cases, including consumer court complaints in Noida. These forums provide continuous services for amicable settlements, ensuring that disputes are resolved promptly and efficiently.

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